Board Volunteer Opportunities

American Marketing Association is looking for members who are ready to volunteer to support and improve the local marketing community.

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter. 

He/she performs all duties specified by the Constitution and Bylaws or approved by the Board of Directors.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Attend the AMA Leadership Summit.
  • Plan and facilitate Chapter Board Retreat.
  • Recruit and appoint committee chairs.
  • Call and conduct monthly Board meetings.
  • Provide leadership and overall direction for the Chapter.
  • Establish Chapter objectives for the year and coordinate goals and programs with committee chairs.
  • Present the annual budget and plan to the Board of Directors for approval and submit to AMA.
  • Be familiar with chapter and AMA administrative practices.
  • Make Chapter policy in cooperation with the Board of Directors.
  • Recruit members and volunteers.
  • Identify leaders to attend AMA Regional Retreat.
  • Appoint a nominating committee for the election of Chapter Officers.
  • Participate in preparing the Chapter Excellence Awards entry.

The President-Elect’s primary role is to assist the President and prepare for the upcoming year.  Under guidance from the President, the President-Elect will become familiar with the processes and procedures required to run the chapter.  

The President-Elect is also expected to perform all the duties specified by the Constitution and Bylaws or those approved by the Board of Directors. 


  • Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week. 
  • Attend the AMA Leadership Summit immediately preceding term. 
  • Oversee volunteer management and volunteer appreciation.
  • In partnership with the President, oversee, guide, and support VP positions and committees.
  • Work with Sponsorship chair to build long-term sponsor relations. 
  • Head nominating committee for the next Board year.
  • Plan the June Board Retreat to kick-off the next chapter year.
  • Work with President to collect and compile information for Chapter Excellence Awards submission. 
  • Assume the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence or inability to serve.
  • Responsibilities common to all Officers and Directors. 

Recommended Qualifications

  • Minimum of two years Board experience before becoming President-Elect. 
  • Successful track record of building and leading a team. 

The VP of Membership is responsible for creating a plan to drive member retention and acquisition and leads a team of two committee members and volunteers in executing that plan. 

Projects may include

  • Develops and is accountable for the Membership Committee plan, budget and metrics reporting.
  • Develops quarterly direct marketing campaigns in conjunction with AMA membership drives.
  • Conducts membership surveys.   
  • Follows up on leads, holds recruiting efforts through chapter programs, and develops recruiting materials.
  • Recruits companies for the AMA group membership.
  • Manages volunteer program.
  • Educates Board members on AMA value proposition.
  • Manages chapter data including member and prospect lists, sharing with other Board members as appropriate.
  • Works with CE Submission Team to ensure Membership Committee is meeting the requirements for awards submission. 
  • Assumes responsibilities common to all officers and directors.



  • 2-5 hours per week.
  • Attend monthly program meetings.
  • Attend monthly board meetings.
  • Provide monthly board report and complete chapter dashboard.



  • Minimum of 5 years overall marketing experience with a focus on program management, direct marketing or business development, preferred.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Successful track record of building and managing a team. 
  • Ability to work cross-functionally – coordinating initiatives across the AMA Board and chapter.

The Vice President Programming develops, recommends and implements programs for regular chapter meetings.

Board Responsibilities 

  • Recruit a volunteer committee with the size and structure necessary for the responsibilities of the position.
  • Develop a plan, with measurable results, for committee activities.
  • Prepare a preliminary budget and submit to the President and Executive Director.
  • Attend Board meetings. 
  • Attend regular chapter events to represent the Board.
  • Prepare and submit committee reports as requested.
  • Prepare a final report evaluating the year’s activities based on initial goals and objectives. Include final budget figures and recommendations for the following year. This will be the basis of the CEA entry for programming, along with supporting examples required for the entry form.
  • Coordinate with Executive Director, other Officers, Directors and committee chairs as needed.

Position-Specific Responsibilities

  • Determine the yearly meeting schedule, dates and locations with the Board of Directors and Executive Director.
  • Select, schedule and secure speakers for monthly professional development luncheons and workshops. Serve as the main contact for the speaker. 
  • Select meeting sites.  Handle logistics such as food, rooms, podium and banner in collaboration with the Executive Director.
  • Prepare meeting announcements for each program and send them to the Vice President of Marketing Communications for distribution to the membership. 
  • Coordinate post-event survey and analyze satisfaction and future topic and volunteer interest.
  • Assume the responsibilities common to all committee chairs.
  • Create annual plans for Sponsorships Committee to follow and by which to set goals.
  • Renew annual sponsorships from past year by September 1 (Starting in April/May is the best practice.)
  • Search for and secure new annual sponsorship needs:
    • Includes revising/creating contract and collecting signed copy from sponsor.
    • Includes gathering high-res jpg. of logo from sponsor and giving to the appropriate individuals.
  • Search for meeting sponsorships for monthly luncheons:
    • Includes Speaker Sponsors (cash) for relevant programming/speaker partnership 
    • Includes Monthly Meeting Sponsors (in-kind) for added value to meeting attendees.
  • Assist with search and securing event sponsorships.
  • Collect logos for monthly meeting sponsors and give to VP Communication for postcard, VP Programs for the meeting PowerPoint, and Design Sponsor for creating ads to be placed in local media (includes specs for the ad).
  • Create a monthly meeting survey timeline (production calendar). 
    • Includes creating survey timeline for Survey Sponsor.
  • Create Survey for Sponsors to take at the end of the program year. 
    • Send questions to Events and Special Surveys Sponsor by June 1st.
  • Update all Sponsorships spreadsheets including the Master Sponsorships document to be completed at the end of the program year for our CEA Submission.

Description coming soon

The Vice President of Marketing Communications is responsible for developing and implementing the chapter’s overall communications strategy as well as managing/leading a committee to implement this strategy, as approved by the Chapter President. The programs and initiatives undertaken by this position serve to maintain consistency of the chapter’s messaging and brand identity across all functions of the organization.  

  • Recruit new volunteers to grow/maintain communications activities and ensure they are being properly recognized
  • Assist with onboarding of new Board Members to educate on communication vehicles and processes
  • Ensure that internal communications channels and documentation are developed on an ongoing basis
  • Develop and implement annual communications plan. This includes:
  • Creation and management of a calendar of announcements/communications
  • Review/editing of event announcement and membership drive copy (content provided by other board chairs)
  • Working with Sponsorship committee to insure inclusion of sponsors in all communications.  Involved in development of new sponsorship benefits and assist in pitching sponsorships – especially in-kind sponsors involved with the development of communication material and efforts.
  • Manage the look and feel of communications material to ensure that material is consistent and accurate and supports the mission of the chapter – including logo design, web banners, etc.
  • Oversee the committee members who create and deploy the chapter communications and marketing, including event registration, email marketing, website content, media relations, social media and branding.  
  • Provide monthly board report to President prior to board meeting

Description coming soon

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