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Everyone has a story. That was the theme of our latest speaker luncheon. On Thursday January 10, 2019, Jaclyn Ruelle’s started hers with a little background information.

She graduated from Virginia Weslyan University (Go Marlins!) and interned at The Meridian Group in Virginia Beach, which turned into a full time position found on this site. After living the dream touring the country with STIHL, Inc., and the most talented lumberjacks in the world, Jaclyn decided to move to Boston. She worked for a couple different boutique PR agencies before finding a home at MullenLowe.

In 2014, she hit her stride with a viral PR campaign for her client, American Greetings (named one of the most impactful campaigns of the past two decades by PR Week):

World’s Toughest Job

Attention: You can demand it, but can you earn it?

At MullenLowe, Jaclyn has the opportunity to work on a number of amazing brands (Netflix, Burger King, ACURA, etc.). Although well known, these brands have compelling stories to tell. One ongoing challenge Jaclyn faces is executing a successful, creatively integrated campaign to tell these stories. With content being produced as the speed of culture, you have to think outside of the box to be seen and heard.

Hard work works, and in 2018 Jaclyn was selected as a juror for the Cannes Festival of Creativity.

Immersed in the world’s best campaigns, she learned in-depth about the power of a perfectly executed, creatively interactive PR campaign. Here are a few award-winning campaigns she shared with us:

The Most German Supermarket

Trash Isles

Bihor Couture

This Coke as a Fanta

The lesson we learned? Well, technically Jaclyn shared eight different lessons from her experience at Cannes, but here’s the gist: It takes guts, perseverance, patience, focus, creativity, and teamwork to make an impact.

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