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Cheryl Tan

Stories bring people together, and over a 20-year career in TV news, Cheryl Tan told thousands of stories while working as a broadcast journalist in Georgia and Virginia. Now, Cheryl shares those interviewing and storytelling skills with business owners who want to tell the stories of their companies through video or through the media. Through consulting and done-for-you video services, she helps entrepreneurs be seen as experts in their field.


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In 2018, Cheryl is on a mission to help people find their voice and bring their stories to life on video. Cheryl is the host of the “STANDOUT with Cheryl Tan” podcast, where she shares strategies you can use right now to get noticed and be seen as a thought leader in your industry. You can catch up on past shows at CherylTanMedia.com.

Cheryl is a mom of three boys. She, her husband and the kids live in Virginia Beach.